New diagram box doesn’t show all cross streets in list

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New diagram box doesn’t show all cross streets in list


When a cross street order is defined in the streets manager, Intersection Magic assumes this is the entire list. As a result, it only shows the streets you’ve created in the order list.


If you haven’t defined the cross street order for a primary street, the program will present you with a list of all cross streets based on the available crash data in the program. If you have defined a list of cross streets in the streets manager, that list is used to create the list of cross streets in the new diagram dialog box. As a result, you may not see all the cross streets that you should.

You may also find that you will have a street listed twice as a cross street, but only once as a primary street. As well as a street listed as a cross street for another street, but not having the other street be a cross street for it. For example, say Broadway is a primary street and has Main as one of it’s cross streets. Then, when Main is listed as the primary street, Broadway is not a choice for a cross street. The following solution should help for these types of problems as well.

These are the result of manual changes in the Streets Manager. Therefore, in the above example with Broadway and Main, Main would have been removed from the cross street list for Broadway in the Streets Manager (Utilities / Database / Streets Manager).


There are a couple of remedies for this problem:

  • Select settings / Sys Settings and uncheck the box that says “calculate cross streets”. This will remove the list box from the dialog. You can now choose from all streets in the database, not just cross streets.
  • Complete the list of cross streets in the streets manager for this street. A good way to start is to add cross streets from crash database. This will insert all the streets that exist in the database as cross streets to your selected primary street. This is done in Utilities / Database / Streets manager
  • Remove the cross street definition for the primary street in question. This is done in Utilities / Database / Streets manager
  • Beginning with version 6.643, a checkbox in the program can enable or disable the behavior of using the cross streets database to calculate cross streets. This option is available in Utilities / Configuration / Default settings / System Settings and is called Use CRS DB. Uncheck this box to disable use of the Cross streets DB when generating an intersection diagram.
  • In versions prior to 6.643, the checkbox introduced in v6.643 manipulates a variable in the imw.ini file. You can edit this file directly following these instructions:
    • Close the program.
    • Use Windows Notepad to edit imw.ini in your data directory (usually magicdata or imlocalcity – where city is an abbreviation for your city name)
    • Search for the text “UseCRSDBForCrosses”.
    • Change the value TRUE to FALSE
    • Save the file and close notepad
    • Start IMW as you normally do

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