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Configuration files are generally prepared by Pd’ Programming. They may also be created by end-user clients, resellers or consulting companies. This article addresses the responsibility, ownership and maintenance of the configuration in various situations.


Issues are…

  • Licensing / Ownership: The person, company or municipality that purchase a configuration from Pd’ Programming owns the configuration. Configurations are considered custom work for our client and they have all rights to the configuration.
  • Maintenance / Support: The Intersection Magic software relies on a configuration for data analysis. In selling a configuration Pd’ Programming agrees to support for the configuration they have created, and ensure that upgrades to the software will be compatible with the configuration that was sold with the software. Changing a configuration can cause issues with support and data corruption.
    • Adopting a configuration: In some cases Pd’ Programming will adopt a configuration they have not created for a fee. Please, contact Pd’ Programming for rates.
  • Accuracy / Responsibility: The person, company or municipality that creates the configuration is responsible for the accuracy of the configuration. Changing the configuration can result in omission and/or inaccurate data. Pd’ Programming tests the configurations that we sell to ensure that the data is as accurate as possible with the information provided.

When a jurisdiction pays for a configuration, they own the rights to that work. Therefore, they may share those files with whomever they wish. However, support for those files is only provided to those individuals that purchase the configuration. If an added license has not purchased the configuration, and they wish for changes to be made, they will have to first purchase the configuration and then pay for the additional costs for the changes. The following cases illustrates how Pd’ Programming handles support issues.

  • A county buys a license for Intersection Magic and pays for a custom configuration. They own the configuration work and will receive support for this work. Two years later, a DOT district which resides in this county wishes to purchase a license for Intersection Magic and is going to share the same data as the county. They may use the configuration files the county uses at no additional cost (above the purchase of the license). However, Pd’ Programming would not be able to support any questions that may arise from the configuration files for the DOT, only support for the program would be provided. The county could receive support for the configuration files.
  • Suppose the same situation as mentioned above, but instead, at the time of purchase of the product license, the DOT also paid the costs for the configuration. Now the DOT would be able to receive support concerning configuration issues as well as product support.
  • If a third party makes changes to a configuration that was purchased, they would be responsible for accuracy of the data and the configuration. They would also need to support any problems from the configuration. Pd’ Programming would have to consider the database and the configuration suspect, and require the customer revert to the configuration that was purchased for further support.
  • The consulting agency or the purchaser of the configuration can pay to have Pd’ Programming adopt the configuration for a fee. Depending on the changes made to the configuration testing, and sample data maybe required to ensure the configuration is accurate. Once adopted the configuration would be supported by Pd’ Programming.
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