IMW Edit can place invalid numeric values in the database.

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Making the Address or Mile Post fields blank in IMW Edit will store invalid numeric values in the database for those fields, and can cause program crashes.


IMW Edit will incorrectly insert a bad value to the database when an Address field or Mile Post field is changed to a blank. A blank in the Address field will populate the Block field of the database with the number -2147483647, and blank in the Mile Post field will populate the Mile field with a value of  2147483.000. The invalid values can cause 207 Invalid Floating Point errors within Intersection Magic when running  the sliding spot report. 


To correct this issue the incorrect values need to be changed to 0 in the database.

Here is how to locate the records with the bad fields:

  1. Open Intersection Magic.
  2. Click on the New Diagram button.
  3. Select  the All data box, clear any filters listed and press the OK button.
  4. Click the OK button to display the data as a summary.
  5. Click on the Acc List button to generate a report.
  6. Click on the Report file format button and select the BASEFLDS.RPT.
  7. Click on the Edit RPT button.
  8. Select the Block_1 field.
  9. Change the width to 12 and click the Modify button. This will display the entire field in the report. 
  10. Repeat steps 7 and 8 for the Block_2, Mile_1 and Mile_2 fields.
  11. Click the OK button.
  12. Select Block 1 for the Sort first by field, and Block 2 for the Sort next by field.
  13. Select Spaces for Delimit data with, and press the OK button.
  14. Record all of the Case Id numbers that contain -2147483647 in Block 1 and Block 2 of your report. 
  15. Close the report.
  16. Click on the Accident List button to generate a new report.
  17. Select the BASEFLDS.RPT.
  18. Select Mile 1 for the Sort first by field, and Mile 2 for the Sort next by field.
  19. Add the Case Ids that contain 2147483.000 in Mile 1 or Mile 2 to your record of Case Ids.
  20. Close all diagram and report windows.
  21. Open the IMW Edit window.
  22. Click the Load button and enter the Case Id in the Load Record window
  23. Click the OK button.
  24. Change any blank values in the Address or Mile Post fields to 0.
  25. Repeat setps 21 through 23 for all of the Case Ids you have recorded.


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