How to ‘send’ a diagram to someone without Intersection Magic.

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Intersection Magic diagrams may be saved, but only Intersection Magic can open these .dgm files. How can an Intersection Magic user send a diagram to someone who doesn’t have Intersection Magic on their machine?


Intersection Magic can not save a diagram to a standard image file format that can be displayed on other programs. However, it can copy a diagram to the clipboard. This functionality can be used to send a diagram image to another user.


Here are the steps to sending a diagram to another user.

  • While a diagram is displayed on the screen, select Edit / Copy. The diagram is now copied onto the clipboard.
  • Open a program which supports pasting of images. (such as Word, Corel, Pagemaker, etc.) Select Edit / Paste
  • Save the current document and send it to whomever you like.
One other possible way: The File / Save command in Intersection Magic has been designed so that if you specify a file name ending with .wmf (Windows Meta File), the program will write a metafile format to disk. We’ve had a hard time with this one over the years and its still not perfect. Some programs (like Corel) handle it just fine, while others don’t properly calculate the extents of the diagram and the display is not clear. Depending on the program you are using this may be a good option. (please let us know which programs it does and doesn’t work with for you, thanks!)

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