How to register volume data

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How to register volume data


The volume data is handled in a new way starting with version 6.500. It is important to understand the new methodology.


In the past, Intersection Magic only supported one volume value for each intersection. This data is kept in an ASCII delimited file of the format:
Primary Street & Cross Street,Volume

This method caused the obvious inconvenience of having to maintain several volume data files over the years and remember to select the proper one depending on the date range of your study.
Beginning with v6.5, Intersection Magic looks for a date field at the end of the line. This new format looks like this:
Primary Street & Cross Street,Volume,Date

In versions 6.5 thru 6.506, the program requires that the volume data be available for the study date specified. This can be a problem if there isn’t volume data recorded frequently enough, or if a short study period is used.

Beginning with v6.508, Intersection Magic uses the following logic:

  1. The volumes are scanned for any records with study dates in the range of dates used for the diagram. If more than one rate is found, the results are averaged.
  2. If no values are found in the specified range, the program looks for an earlier study
  3. If no values are found prior to the specified range, the program looks for a later study
  4. If no values are found in any of these three ranges, it gives up and returns a volume of 0
NOTE: There is an error in this routine that sometimes fails in step 2 or 3. Please update to v6.681 to get correct behaviour


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