How to obtain your password.

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How to obtain your password.


We have created a personalized system on our website here at Pd’ Programming, Inc. This article describes the steps first time users should follow to obtain their initial password.


We have created a personalized login area on our website so individuals may obtain current up to date information for their jurisdiction. In turn an automated system for retrieving your initial password and supplying you with your password should you forget it has also been created. The following steps will guide you through obtaining your password.


1) In the upper left area of this screen there is a “Login” tab, select this tab.

2) On the login page select the “Forgot Your Password?”

3) Type in the email you use to correspond with Pd’ Programming and select “Submit query”. This will automatically send an email to the address we have on file for you with a password.

If you get the message: Failed to send password. This is usually due to an invalid login (email address), then we do not have a correct email address on file for you. Please send us an email with your name, jurisdiction, correct address, correct email address, department you work in and title, correct phone number, and fax (if applicable). Once we receive this information, we can reset your password that will send an automatic email to the address you provide us, with your new password. You may then use this to sign in on the Login page on our site.

4) Once you receive an email with a password, you may go back to our login page and type in your email address and password to enter your personalized page on our website.

5) Once logged in, we recommend changing your password to something that you will remember more easily. You can find the link to changing your password in the upper right hand side of the page in the maroon section.

6) Select “Proceed to my personal page” to read about latest features and downloads.

7) We also recommend visiting the “Set contact options” to verify the types of emails you wish to receive from Pd’ Programming, Inc.

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