How to list all accidents by corridor

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How to list all accidents by corridor


Is there a way to get a accident listing along the entire length of a roadway? Yes. There are several ways. This article describes the various ways to obtain that data.


Since Intersection Magic is most often used for gathering intersection data, it can often seem unintuitive to gather a different range of data. The key is to look at the other types of diagrams available in the New Diagram dialog box.


The possible solutions are:

  1. Use a milepost diagram. If you have milepost data in your database, or if you have defined a milepost index for your database, you can request a diagram of all the accidents on a particular street from milepost x to y. This can work even if you have little or no milepost data, just select milepost 0 to 0. Using milepost as the study type only identifies those accidents coded with the primary street as the specified one. To check for both primary and cross streets, use the same process but select the hundred block / address study type.
  2. Use an intersection corridor. Available with versions starting with 6.100, the intersection corridor uses your distance and direction fields to gather accidents from one intersection to another along a specified street. In order to do this, you must first specify a street layout using the Streets Manager in the Utilities menu.
  3. Use an all-data diagram. This is the most powerful, and least friendly way of accomplishing this task. Specify an all-data diagram type and create a filter that only accepts crashes that occured on the street that you specify. (i.e. STREET_1=”BROADWAY” | STREET_2=”BROADWAY”) This has the added flexibility of allowing multiple streets and other conditions to be included.
  4. Create a virtual segment. A virtual segment, available in versions starting with 6.221, enables you to specify a list of diagrams to include as a single one. For example, you can list three intersections, an address range and a milepost range and name that location “my favorite location”. This location is available for diagrams as well as high accident locations.

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