How to install an Intersection Magic configuration from another computer.

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How to install an Intersection Magic configuration from another computer.


Users may wish to move their configuration on to a new computer, but no longer have the original cd that came with Intersection Magic.


Users can install Intersection Magic from our web site, but this will not allow the program to work with specific client data. Intersection Magic requires a configuration to work with a client’s data. This information can be copied from working installation of Intersection Magic on another computer.

Simply placing the configuration files into the Intersection Magic directory will not install the configuration. Users should follow the install process to ensure the configuration is setup and placed correctly with in Intersection Magic. 

This process is intended for users that already have Intersection Magic installed to their local drive, but do not have a configuration installed. These instructions are not intended for installing the program on a network drive.


This process is for users that have already install Intersection Magic, but now need to install the configuration to handle the collision data.


The section in this process is to create a copy of your configuration. These first steps can only be done on a computer that is correctly running Intersection Magic. If you have any doubts contact Pd Programming for support.

  1. Open My Computer or Windows explorer on the machine that is correctly running Intersection Magic.
  2. Open the Magic folder in the C drive.
  3. Double click the Copycfg.exe file in the C:Magic. This will run the program, and search your drive for Intersection Magic configurations.
  4. Select the configuration that you are using, and click the Next button. (Do not select the Demo configuration. This configuration is for the demo database that ships with Intersection Magic. You may need to contact Pd Programming if you have more than one configuration, and are unsure of the one in use.)
  5. Click the Next button to select all of the configuration files.( If no files are checked the program will copy all of the configuration files.)
  6. Click the Other drives button to select a location for the configuration.
  7. Select a location that will be able to transfer the file to the computer that you want to install the configuration on(Network drive, USB key)
  8. The program will then create a data folder with all of the configuration files in the location that you selected.
  9. Click OK to finish, and close the program.  


Now that you have a copy of the configuration you must place the data folder in correct location for the configuration installer to find.

  1. Move to the computer that you would like to install the configuration on.
  2. Copy the data folder with all of the files inside.
  3. Paste the folder into the root of the C drive (C:Data) on the computer where you would like to install the configuration.

Run the configuration installer for Intersection Magic

  1. Click on the Start button in windows, and select Run.
  2. Click the Browse button
  3. Locate the csetup.exe program from the installed location of Intersection Magic(The default location is C:Magiccsetup.exe)

Follow the steps on the IMW configuration installer

  1. When the IMW Configuration Installer window opens click Next.
  2. If Intersection Magic was not installed to the default location you will need to click the Browse button and locate the directory (The default location is C:Magic is where 95% of users choose to install the program).
  3. Click the Next button.
  4. Select the configuration listed in your C:Data directory, and click the Next button.
  5. Enter a Shortcut name this is the name of the Intersection Magic icon that will be placed on your desktop. You will want this to be different from other Intersection Magic icons that are currently on your desktop.
  6. Click the next button (If you receive the “Configuration directory name error: You must specify a folder that does not yet exist. The setup program will create that folder and place the appropriate files in it for you”, then the configuration has already been installed and you should contact Pd Support for assistance)
  7. Click the Next button to accept the install.
  8. Click the Finished button.

You now have a new icon on your desktop that will open your new Intersection Magic configuration. If you have an existing database you will need to select the database with in Intersection Magic. Do not try to open any Intersection Magic databases that were created with different configurations. This can cause corruption in the database. 


If you have installed Intersection Magic under administrator you will need to grant full control the Intersection Magic directory and all of the sub folders(C:Magic is the default location) to users that will be running the Intersection Magic program. Also users will also need full control to the directory storing the Intersection Magic database if it is stored in a separate location from the install directory.


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