How to add or remove security from an existing database

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How to add or remove security from an existing database


When creating a database in Intersection Magic, the user is provided a place to specify a username and password. If selected, the database manages read and write access by a list of users. This article describes how to change enable or disable the selection made when creating the database.


Once a database has been created without security, users can not be added. Likewise, when a database is created with security, there is no easy way to remove security.

If the database is large or inconvenient to re-create, a better solution is to use the imwclrdb utility to change the security.


Intersection Magic ships with a program called IMWCLRDB.EXE. It is installed in the program directory (c:magic by default). This utility can be used to set or remove security.

Double click on this program. Specify the name of the database file. If the database is found, you will be prompted to specify security. If the database is not found, you will have to run the program again. (remember to use 8.3 filenames)

If you choose to have security, you will be prompted for a username and password. The program will confirm that it has created a pwd file and will wait for a keystroke to exit.

Once security has been added, use the normal program routines to add and maintain users. (utilities/users/…)

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