How do I stop accident graphics from overlapping on the diagrams?

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How do I stop accident graphics from overlapping on the diagrams?


Accident graphics are placed on the collision diagrams automatically. As a result, they will never be as good as those done by hand by a trained technician. However, there are may way to improve the display of a diagram. Those methods are described in this document.


Using diagram settings as well as manual manipulation can improve the appearance/layout of a diagram.


The following options may be used to stop accident graphics from overlapping:

  • Diagram / Configuration / Settings / Spacing: This setting controls the distance between each accident graphic. The default is 50. If you have a lot of accidents on the diagram, try reducing this number to 30. If you have few accidents with lots of text annotations (labels) try increasing this number to 80.
  • Drag and drop: Individual accident graphics may be dragged from their current location to another location. Click and drag when the cursor turns to a clear magnifying glass. Note that these changes only exist on the current diagram. Future diagrams will not know to move the graphics automatically.
  • Diagram / Schematic / Load: Try a different schematic. If you are using a schematic that has only one row of accidents per approach, try using int_4normal.ara, which provides two rows of accidents at each approach.
  • Diagram / Configuration / Settings / Distance Groups: This value can be used to specify which accidents are put ‘close’ to the intersection v.s. ‘further’ from it. For example, if the value in the box is 50, accidents that are within 50′ of the intersection are placed closer and those more than 50′ are placed further from it.
  • Another option, a bit more complex, is available beginning with v6.x of Intersection Magic. The user may modify the schematic upon which the accidents are being drawn. Among other things, the user may move a group of accidents together, or specify that they should be smaller than other accidents on the diagram. This functionality is described in the manual in the Schematics chapter.

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