Fatal error when printing to HP printer with Windows 95 or 98.

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Unable to print to any printer in IMW (specifically an HP1220C). Able to print using other applications.


When printing to an HP1220C printer from a Windows 95 or 98 machine, get an “IMW fatal error 213 Collection Index out of range”. This can occur because the name for the port is exceptionally long.


First, print a printer test page. Check to see if the “Port Name” is over 30 or so characters. If yes, this is likely causing problem, and it is something your IT department can help with. A solution from WY DOT was to shorten the print driver’s name since they were unable to shorten the printer port name. If you are still unable to print please read the following additional knowledge base articles that address printing problems:
General “try this first” printer problem solutions
Program won’t print, or printer(s) can’t be changed or re-configured

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