Diagram “Accident Count” doesn’t match number of graphics in the diagram.

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Diagram “Accident Count” doesn’t match number of graphics in the diagram.


Each diagram contains a number at the top that indicates how many crashes took place at that location. The number of graphics may not always match that number. However, the number of graphics plus the number of “records with insufficient data for display” listed at the bottom of the diagram should match.


Not all crashes can be displayed as graphics. Any crash records that do not contain a direction of travel for either vehicle will not be displayed. Also, if the object table is set up to not show “unknown movement” graphics, then a crash with unknown movements for both vehicles will not be displayed.


First, determine whether the diagram contains crashes with insufficient data for display. This value is displayed at the bottom of the diagram. You can also cause the diagram to contain a graphic for each crash, where the missing data graphics are grouped together at the bottom of the diagram. Select Diagram / Configuration / Settings / View and select “6 comments”. Check if there are graphics in the lower “bad data” area.
Second, try creating a list of the accidents that includes the vehicle movements and directions.
If neither of these reports helps identify the problem, please send a fax of the diagram in question to Pd’ Programming. (click the Contact Us link on the toolbar to get our fax number)

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