Creating “all fields” printable report

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Creating “all fields” printable report


When creating a report from a diagram using all fields, the report runs off the right of the page, unable to print all data.


When an accident report is created from a diagram (and all fields are used), the data in the report runs far to the right side of the page. When printing, this data past the right margin does not print. If you want to be able to read all the data, there are several options of creating reports to correct this problem.


In Intersection Magic there is a default report automatically created called a “clickon.rpt”. This report lists all fields created in your configuration files. You can open this file, edit the properties in it, and save it under a different name for you to reference in the future. It may take a couple of trial and error attempts in adjusting the report to get it to fit the way you want it on a page.

1)Open IMW.

2)Go to Utilities/Customize/ReportFile/Edit

3)Double click on clickon.rpt to get an edit window for this report

4)You may “delete line” any of the first twelve lines that you do not use (i.e.: some states use mile posts instead of blocks, they could delete the block lines).

5)IMW has a default length(width) of 30 for each field. Most fields do not use this length, so that amount may be decreased by changing the number in the “width” box and clicking on the modify button. Go through each field and determine how many spaces you want them to occupy. We also recommend sorting all the data you have in the field list the way you want them on the report at this time.

6)Once the widths are set, you can force a carriage return by inserting field “CRLF” (on the right side of the editor window) between field names on the left where you want a carriage return to take place in the report.

7)Once you have finished changing this report to the specifications you would like, click o.k. Save the report under a different name so you keep the clickon.rpt in its original format and can reference this new one later.

8)Create a diagram that you want to make a printable report .

9)Click on the all list button on the left. Chose the report file list button and select this new .rpt report you created. Make sure the data is delimited with spaces, and click o.k.

10)A printable report should come up. At this time check to make sure the forced carriage returns you entered allow the whole report to fit within the right margin. If not, follow steps 1-7 until the report fits the way you like (please note, when saving the new report after the first time, you can just resave as the same name).

Another alternative would be:
create the diagram you want to make a report for. Click on “Acc List”, and when the window comes up, chose the clickon.rpt report, but select data delimited with commas. Click o.k. While this comma delimited file is open, go to the top and chose File/Launch as CSV. This will bring you into a comma delimited excel file which can be manipulated to the specifications you prefer.

Please note that if the clickon.rpt file became changed, and a user would like to restore it to have all the fields again, simply delete the clickon.rpt. The next time a user clicked on a crash the report would be re-created automatically.

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