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Since the earliest version of Intersection Magic, the install program has looked for a file called cityid.txt to identify configurations to include in the install process. This file always needs to be included in the data directory of the install diskette, and on the hard disk. Beginning with version 6.002, this cityid.txt file is also used by the Intersection Magic program to identify that it is running in a valid directory, and to describe the configuration. This article describes how to create such a file.


The cityid.txt file is a simple, three line text file. It can be created in notepad, edit, or even at the DOS command prompt. It can also be created in the Intersection Magic editor, if the program is already installed.


Step 1: Open notepad. This can be accomplished by selecting Start / Programs / Accessories / Notepad

Step 2: On the first line enter the following:

Step 3: On the second line, enter something similar to this:
Description=The name of your configuration
The word “description” must exist, you may type in any useful text instead of “The name of your configuration”

Step 4: On the last line, enter the following:
Again, “prefix” is required. The “FourCharacterName” should be the configuration file names prefix for your configuration. This is almost always the prefix for your .LUS/.TAB/.DRD file names.

Step 5: Save the file as cityid.txt and close notepad.

An example of the contents of a cityid.txt file is:
Description=California SWITRS configuration
Another example of the contents of a cityid.txt file is:
Description=Fountain Hills, AZ configuration

The resulting cityid.txt file should be placed in the data directory of the install diskettes and/or the hard disk where the program is installed.
IMPORTANT: This file must only be placed in the data directory. Placing it in an incorrect directory will confuse the program greatly

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