Copying virtual locations information for Intersection Magic

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Copying virtual locations information for Intersection Magic


This article covers how to copy virtual locations, and set Intersection Magic to use the copy


Clients that use virtual locations and need to move their Intersection Magic installation to another computer also need to move their virtual location information. Intersection Magic stores virtual location information on an *.mdb file(imwdb.mdb is the recommended name of the file, but it can be changed). Copying the .mdb file used by Intersection Magic will save users from having to redefine their virtual location information again. This article will cover how to locate the file storing virtual location information and how to setup virtual locations in Intersection Magic once the file has been copied.


The first task is to locate the .mdb file that stores the virtual location information.

1. With Intersection Magic open on the machine that you would like to copy from, select Utilities/Configuration/ODBC sources. 

ODBC Sources window in Intersection Magic

2. The name specified in the ODBC DB column is the name of the ODBC data source that we will be looking for(The default name is imwdb).

3. Click on the “ODBC Data sources” button to open the windows ODBC Data Source Administrator window.

4. Locate the name found in step 2(IMWDB) under the User DSN tab or the System DSN tab of the window (The name is not case sensitive).

ODBC Data Source Administrator with imwdb in this image imwdb is located under the System DSN tab, but depending on how it was defined this cold be under the User DSN tab. 

5. Click on the data source name and then click the configure button.

6. The path and file name of the .mdb file will be displayed in the Database: section (This is the file that contains virtual location information, and must be copied).

ODBC Microsoft Access Setup. The recommended file name is imwdb.mdb, but in this image the client has used a name of train1.mdb

With the location and name of the file known the ODBC windows and Intersection Magic can be closed. The file located from the previous task can now be copied to a new location. Pd’ Programming recommends that this file be stored with the Intersection Magic database files(*acc.dat).

Once the file has been copied to the new location any new installation of Intersection Magic will need to point to the new location. This next task assumes that you have installed Intersection Magic, selected the collision database, and it is working correctly. Once this has been completed Intersection Magic can be set up to use the virtual locations .mdb file. 


1. With Intersection Magic open, Select Utilities/Configuration/ODBC sources.

2. Click on the “ODBC Data sources” button.

3. Click the “Add” button under the “User DSN” or “System DSN” tabs. System DSN makes the datasource available to everyone on the computer. While User DSN is only for the user you have logged in to Windows as. 

Microsoft’s ODBC Data Source Administrator window

4. Select the “Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)” from the list, and click the “Finished” button.

5. Enter imwdb in the Data Source Name field of the ODBC Microsoft Access Setup window that opens. This will be the name of the link to the database.

6. Click the Select… button

7. Select the .mdb file that you copied previously and click the OK button.

8. Click OK to close the ODBC Microsoft Access Setup window.

9. Click OK to close the ODBC Data Source Administrator window.

10. Click OK to close the ODBC Data Sources window.

Once Intersection Magic has been pointed to the correct file, the locations manager will be able to display the virtual locations that were stored.


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