Copying an Intersection Magic database

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Copying an Intersection Magic database


The Intersection Magic database is contained in a number of files. This article describes which of these files should be copied when moving or copying the database to a new location.
NOTE: Beginning with version 6.x of the program, there is an option called “copy” under the Utilities / Database menu. This is the preferred method of copying databases in Intersection Magic.

Each version of Intersection Magic has the potential of having different database file names. The manual for each version describes which files comprise the database:

The database files will always be a four character prefix, followed by three letters and an extension. The prefix is usually one you chose yourself when you created the database. It is also shown at the top of the screen when running the program.
Thus, once you have identified the four character prefix, you can copy all of the proper files by using the file mask “CITY???.*”, where CITY is your four character prefix.
The normal list of files includes a set called CITYACC; CITYSTR; and CITYCRS (CRS introduced in v6.x). The extensions normally include DAT; IX; DIA; SEM; INF; PWD; etc.


Once you have identified the files which comprise your database, you can copy them from their current location to any other location. Note that they must be moved as a group. The program will not function correctly with only a partial set of these files.

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