Cleaning up time fields in Intersection Magic

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Cleaning up time fields in Intersection Magic


This article shows how to locate invalid time information in Intersection Magic


Intersection Magic stores time information in a numeric field. The time field will not accept a number greater than 2400, but data can be entered that does not have a valid minute. For example entering a minute value between 60 and 99 would be an invalid time. Entering 1171 would be an invalid time of 11:71.


The following process will allow clients to filter on collision records in the database that have an invalid time.

Select the range of collisions to correct

  1. Open Intersection Magic with the database that you would like to correct
  2. Click the New diagram button
  3. Click the All data radio button
  4. Enter the date range of collisions that you would like to correct(Select First date in database and Last date in database to locate all of the collision records with a bad time) 

Create a filter to select only the bad time records

  1. With the Create All DATA diagram window still open, click the filter edit button
  2. Click the Edit 1 button to open an edit window
  3. Paste the following filter condition into the filter editor window:
    (Time-@NUMBER(@COPY(@STRING(Time/100, 2),0,@POS(“.”,@STRING(Time/100, 2))-1))*100) > 59
  4. Click the OK button(The filter can be saved at this time for future use)
  5. Click the OK button to return to the Create ALL DATA diagram window

Generate a summary diagram and report of Case Ids


  • With the Create All DATA diagram window still open and the filter set, click the OK button to create diagram
  • Once the diagram has been rendered click on the Acc List button located in the tool bar to the left
  • Click on the Report file format bar
  • Select the BASEFLDS.RPT report format
  • Click the OK button to display a list of the collisions with bad time information


The Case Id values can be used to open each collision record in IMW Edit to correct the bad time information.

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