Changing X-axis labels in charts.

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Sometimes changes are called for in the design of the charts.


There are certain features of charts that are constant. For example, the number of characters for the labels on the x-axis. If you would like more or less or different characters displayed, the following steps will assist you with this.

  1. Generate a diagram for which a chart is to be made from.
  2. Click on the chart button to the left of the diagram.
  3. Click once on the chart you wish to change so it is highlighted.
  4. Select the “Copy” button to the right.
    It is our recommendation that a copy of the original chart is made, so the original features of the chart are maintained.
  5. Now click once on the new chart you just created, so it is highlighted.
  6. Select the “Label” button to the right.
  7. Hightlight the data on the left that needs to be changed. The top right box is what is displayed on the charts. This is where changes should be made.
  8. Once all changes are made, select “Done”.
  9. Now double click on the new chart to see changes made.
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