Errors / crashes

How do I find Windows diagnostic information?

If there is a conflict between Intersection Magic and another software program on your computer, it can be helpful to identify the environment that your system is running in. Rather than ask you question after question, there are some tools that ship with Windows that can help. This article lists some of them.
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Another worktation is READING or WRITING to this database

Intersection Magic keeps track of users who are accessing the database. At any one time there may be many people READING from the database. However, if anyone is writing to the database, no one else may READ or WRITE at the same time. If you are attempting to READ when you get this message, then another use has opened the database for WRITING. If you attempting to WRITE to the database, then another user is READING the database. Note: This message can also be caused by the program having crashed during a READ or WRITE operation and not released its lock on the database.
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