Y2K compatibility information

Every version of Intersection Magic ever shipped stores all of its dates as julian numbers. This means that we shouldn't have any date problems for as long as cars skid on pavement. However, your source data may not be year 2000 compatible.
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Copying an Intersection Magic database

The Intersection Magic database is contained in a number of files. This article describes which of these files should be copied when moving or copying the database to a new location.
NOTE: Beginning with version 6.x of the program, there is an option called "copy" under the Utilities / Database menu. This is the preferred method of copying databases in Intersection Magic.
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Reindex corrupts streets data table.

Due to a bug in the program, the reindex process, when combined with data entry, change streets, or remove unused streets, can cause street names to become renumbered. This can cause the relationships with crash records to break.
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