Performing a full install from an update CD / diskette

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When Intersection Magic updates are sent to users, the 'custom configuration' that was sent for the first install is not included with the update cd or diskettes. The result is that, for a network install, no data directory (containing imwuser.exe) is created, and thus the 'client' side of the install can not take place. For a local install, only the demo/tutorial is installed, there is not IMW icon or DATA directory.

 Why does my new SWITRS data have only 3 characters for a CaseID?

adminIntersection Magic Windows > Configuration

CA CHP introduced a new structure for SWITRS data beginning with data send after June 2002 (although most of this new format didn't ship until 2003) Pd' Programming made available a new configuration to read this data free-of-charge to all current subscribers to our Intersection Magic software. On February 13, 2003 we identified a minor problem with the new configuration. The caseID format in this new CHP data structure is variable - it is different after 1/1/2000. This article describes how to correct your configuration and database if you downloaded the new configuration prior to 2/18/2003 and imported 2002 data using it.

 What to do when your data provider changes the format.

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Intersection Magic is 'configured' for a particular format of ASCII data. When you first purchased IMW, we probably prepared a custom configuration. This custom configuration defines, among other things, the order of the fields in the ASCII import file; the meanings of any coded fields; the method of parsing, or extracting the data from any given field. Periodically, states re-evaluate the crash report form that they are using. When this is done, they frequently add or remove fields. Occasionally, they add or remove codes for a particular fields. Rarely, and unfortunately, they change the value that a code represents in a particular field. This article describes some things to think about if you find that your data source is different than it was when we prepared your configuration.

 Performing supplemental data imports

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On occasion, users have the need to supplement records in their database without removing data already stored for those records. An example would be if you have a data source that provides you all the crash data you need except for direction from intersection. You have another source that can provide direction from intersection and uses the same caseid number that the first data source uses. This is a use for Supplemental importing.

 Differences between in-house and Intersection Magic data

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The data in Intersection Magic is usually obtained from local city, county or state sources. In most cases, it is possible to query these sources to list the same data being reported by Intersection Magic. WeÕve found that when this is done, there may be discrepancies between the two systems. There can be several causes for these discrepancies. This document describes how we attempt to identify and resolve these differences when contacted by a concerned user of our software. While we welcome you to contact us, it is our hope that you can take the first steps yourself using the information provided here.

 SWITRS crash data is imported incorrectly

adminStandard configurations > California (SWITRS)

The California Highway Patrol (CHP) maintains the crash records that you use as SWITRS data. In January of 1998 they modified the format which had been used for many years. The format was changed to add the century to any dates in the data file. This makes the data y2k compatible. This requires special treatment of SWITRS data by Intersection Magic.

 Creating a new cityid.txt file

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Since the earliest version of Intersection Magic, the install program has looked for a file called cityid.txt to identify configurations to include in the install process. This file always needs to be included in the data directory of the install diskette, and on the hard disk. Beginning with version 6.002, this cityid.txt file is also used by the Intersection Magic program to identify that it is running in a valid directory, and to describe the configuration. This article describes how to create such a file.