Can I create new crash symbols?

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Can I create new crash symbols?


Intersection Magic’s symbols to represent vehicles, fixed objects, dui, etc. reside in a symbol library that can be modified. Therefore, new symbols can be created and then introduced into the object table (.tbs) file and displayed in collision diagrams.


As there is very little documentation for manipulating the symbols files, and since they can be a bit tricky, we suggest just providing us with the details of your desired symbol(s).
We will create them and make them part of the standard symbol set so that others can take advantage of them as well.


We’ve created a template to use when creating symbols. However, there are some restrictions/limitations in the design(s) of the symbols that you must follow in order for us to create the customized symbol.

1)The symbol can not be “filled” in.
2)There is an implied 0,0 point of origin in the center of the grid. This is the “point of impact”. Design specifications are oriented from this point.
3)The symbol can not be created by more than 10 detached lines. (The example below is drawn with one line).
4)There can be no more than 25 points in a line. (The example below has 4 points).

Please print out the template and draw your symbol on it. Then fax or email that symbol to us.
This is the template (right click to save or print it by itself):
Template only | Template with example arrow symbol

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