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Intersection Magic on Windows 7 (64-bit) systems

Created: Jun 12 2013, updated: Jan 08 2014

Intersection Magic must run under XP mode for Windows 7 (64-bit) systems

Intersection Magic will run natively under Windows 7 (32-bit) systems. However users with Windows 7 64-bit systems will need to run Intersection Magic under XP Mode from windows. This article shows how to install Intersection Magic once you have installed XP mode per Microsoft's instructions.

The following steps are to install Intersection Magic within XP Mode. This assumes you have followed the Microsoft instructions on installing XP Mode, and XP Mode is now running on your computer.

XP Mode is a virtual environment that runs Windows XP with in a window in your computer. The hard drive for this XP environment is stored in files on the hard drive of the actual computer. The first step in installing Intersection Magic is to launch XP Mode if it is not already up and running (Windows button/All Programs/Windows Virtual PC/Windows XP Mode). This should open the familiar XP desktop in a window.

Installing Intersection Magic from a cd:

  1. Insert the cd into your drive(If auto run is enabled on your actual computer you may need to close the installer window on the actual computer)
  2. Within the XP Mode window click the Start button(This and the following steps must be done within the XP Mode window)
  3. Select My Computer
  4. Double click on the cd drive that contains Intersection Magic to launch the installer
  5. Follow the install instructions

Installing from the Pd Magic web site(This assumes that you have a copy of the configuration data folder):

 A. The first task is to copy the configuration data folder to the root of the XP Mode C drive.

  1. Copy the configuration data folder to the root of the actual drive
  2. With in the XP Mode window click the Start button(This and the following steps must be done within the XP Mode window)
  3. Select My Computer
  4. Under Other double click on the C on drive to open the C drive of the actual machine
  5. Right click on the data folder and select copy
  6. Click the Back button to return to the My Computer window
  7. Double click the Local Disk C under Hard Disk Drives
  8. Paste the data folder into this location

B. Run the Intersection Magic installer from the Pd Magic web site(The following steps must be performed in the XP Mode window)

  1. Within the XP Mode window open Internet Explorer
  2. Open
  3. Click on the login link near the bottom left corner of the page
  4. Log into the Pd Magic web site
  5. Click on the downloads link under the quick links section on the right side of the page
  6. Click on the Intersection Magic IMW_.exe link
  7. Select the run option
  8. Select run again when the program has finished downloading
  9. Follow the instructions on the setup wizard

The Intersection Magic icon should now be displayed in the XP Mode window on the XP desktop. Use this icon to launch Intersection Magic. Once running you will need to create or set your Intersection Magic database.

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